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HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 350P & Compact Surface Mounted Cabinet with Alarm
(Part # HS001F)
(UPC Code: 755702980722)
8 year warranty. Lightest weight yet most rugged AED on the market. Most durable AED on the market with IP (Ingress Protection) Rating of 56 for dust and water protection. Only AED on the market with 1 expiration date to monitor with a combination Padpak (battery/electrode set) that has a 4 year expiry. Stores easily in provided cabinet. HeartSine samaritan 350P Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Semi-Automatic (user presses shock button). COMPLETE AED kit including AED response kit: AED w/carrying case (semi-rigid), pads and battery (1 Adult Padpak) with 4 year life, Pediatric Pad placement reminder sticker/card, AED checklist, AED inspection tag, AED administrator state law compliance toolkit which includes state AED acquirer laws/regulations and AED policy sample templates, AED Equipped Location stickers (2 ea), Free Rx & Medical Authorization details, Quick Use Guide, CPR/AED poster and User Manual; 8 yr warranty. Also includes: AED labeling and mount kit: Siren Alarmed AED cabinet (with 9V battery), and 3D projecting AED wall sign (8x10), 8 yr warranty. Cabinet can be hard wired to security system or stand alone. It may ship in 2 different packages.
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