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About Think Safe

Think Safe, Inc is a manufacturer, developer and leading integrator in the first aid industry that remains committed to setting new standards for comprehensive emergency readiness and response. At Think Safe we have been innovating with the end user in mind every step of the way. Our goal remains of simplifying emergency first aid programs to a point where accuracy is ensured, equipment is easily maintained, lives are saved and costs are reduced.

Think Safe technology includes innovative patented products such as the Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) Systems. Think Safe is also a software developer for first aid technology, with over 20 software programs developed to improve access to training or treatment instructions and ensure proper first aid or emergency equipment upkeep. Think Safe provides bulk pricing synergy advantages over traditional dealers due to our wholesaler arrangement on all brands/makes/models of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Think Safe is also an established training center and operates the First Voice Training Network infrastructure that has over 300 instructors in the United States plus other countries. Think Safe has AED program management solutions, medical oversight services, CPR/First Aid/Safety-related training (online, blended or in-person) services and total first aid program product and servicing solutions that are available a la carte or integrated to meet the client's goals and needs.

Our First Voice product line is sold mainly through dealers.

Our Mission: Making Minutes Matter

Think Safe and our innovative First Voice products and services allow first aid, AED and overall emergency response programs that: improve rescuer skills, provide efficiency, reduce risks and reduce costs versus traditional programs.

Improve Skills

Think Safe's Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) Systems are the product innovations of Think Safe. These product innovations are patented and bring technology to the first aid industry. With the simple press of a button, instant detailed American Heart Association/ECC/ILCOR approved instructions on what to do are immediately heard and seen by the responder or lay rescuers providing care. But we did not stop program improvements and skills improvements by just bringing our innovations to market. Additionally, our First Voice products and our First Voice Training ( options (online, blended, in-person, in-house) give rescuers and responder teams the capability to refresh on skills anytime and improve access to information and training.

Provide Efficiency

Think Safe's First Voice products decrease chaos and any unnecessary steps during emergencies by providing any first responders or rescuers on scene with organized and accurate first aid tools, instructions and the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary for trauma situations during the first few minutes of care. Think Safe software and other services also improve efficiencies in maintenance and upkeep of the total first aid program or emergency response program.

Reduce Risks

Think Safe's First Voice products and services offer more than standard first aid programs and traditional ANSI unitized first aid kits. First Voice products are designed with easy-to use organized supplies that are ready to protect the responder and treat the victim, according to updated science and OSHA compliance standards. Restocking is simplified through the use of First Voice pre-packaged supply modules and our systems are all designed with easy "ready to run" status viewing designs plus are easy to restock or refill. SET Systems come in ergonomic backpack, EMS jump bag (roll-out), and rugged Pelican lifetime guaranteed dustproof and waterproof hard case configurations to fit your storage and response environmental needs. In addition, all SET Systems can accommodate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which improves care and response times during life threatening emergencies. But, Think Safe does not stop at products. Think Safe also provides custom developed software ( and other services that ensure maintenance and upkeep of the total program and reduce risk of legal liability.

Reduce Costs

Think Safe has case studies that show the client pays for the First Voice product and service investment in just one year or less. Think Safe products and services are well worth the small up front investment. Better response means decreased worker's compensation insurance, lost time at work, replacement laborer costs and disability costs. Think Safe takes mandated training to a new level by pairing it with our proven technology for any responder team, first aid rescuer or employee use. Yet, the costs of the program are proven to decrease and the products and services are paid for through other program savings. A client recovers the investment made in under one year on average when coupled with a integrated transition to online, in-house or blended training methods. Ask for your case study to see how other companies have saved money every year, even during the initial year of implementation.