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AED Post-event Servicing
(Part # PostEvent-1)
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Post-event AED servicing / reporting and resetting your program. See Product Details below for full details.
Product Details

This service includes the following after an AED use event:

Assistance and guidance with collecting/completing proper event information for required reporting (AED Event Review forms, Manufacturer reporting forms, etc.)

Assistance and guidance to download ECG event data from AED

Reporting of proper/required event information to relevant agencies or hospital/physicians/healthcare providers (i.e. responding EMS agency, state Depts. of Health, and/or attending physicians)

Proper re-certifying and/or re-servicing of AED device and responder tools for timely placement back in to service at site

Sharing of relevant forms to AED manufacturer

Proper updating/documentation of your site's AED Medical Direction and Program Management systems / databases

Incident summary and debriefing to appropriate site managers and site responder team members, including Emergency protocol use and review, proper PPE use and review, AED use and review, any "lessons learned", and impacts on future training

Assistance and guidance to the site/location with communication (i.e. newsletter/notice) of recap information to educate employees on the incident (i.e. the state of the AED program, facts behind what happened, impact of program at site, employees who responded, etc.)

Assistance and guidance with email/communications to responders and staff about how to proceed with grief counseling (individual and group session recommendations) and find closure (memorial, gathering, etc.).

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